Second Hand Is My First Camera, Nikon D5300 Review

Good morning everyone? How are you? Do you have a camera?

Many years ago, when I was a child, I always dream to have a camera.  In 2016, I got a chance to buy a camera and I bought it in December. Since I lived in Taiwan from 2015, I always think to purchase a DSLR which kinds of camera that I want. Every time I went to supermarket, I surely checked at DSLR price. It was so stupid, silly thing that I always do. DSLR was my first impression to think about. I had an experience when I was in Malang studied my bachelor degree. I used Canon Rebel T6i which was my senior camera. It is a great camera. I am impressed. Since that time, I dreamt to get one. I started learning about DSLR by seeing reviews on youtube. Then, I chose Nikon as the brand that I must have. Why I choose Nikon? First, I researched it. I already discussed with my friends who have a camera and experienced with their camera. Nikon is good for post-processing photos meaning that you can adjust many parameters of picture use a software. It was my opinion that why I chose Nikon band name as my first DSLR camera.

Why I chose 2nd hand camera?

This is the question that very common my friend asked. Simple because I had limited money at that time. To buy DSLR camera from a student who had low budget capability is very rational to that option to become the best option.

First, absolutely all is about money. For a student like me, of course, amount of money is the main focus before I decided to buy any kind of thing that is expensive (Camera absolutely noted as an expensive thing for me, haha). Pick the best body that fits your criteria after you list all the types of camera.

Second, buy second hand camera is nothing to lose. You can get the best price of used camera comparable with the new camera. Sometimes, you will get rarely used camera if you were lucky. Just be careful to choose second hand camera. You need an experienced person to discuss about it.

Third, you can do business. You bought one then you can sell it again at second hand price. Get the cheap one and sell it to get your profit, as simple as that. You also need an experienced person to discuss about it.

Just browsing, take your phone and list all the cameras do you want.

Why I chose Nikon D5300 as my first camera?

Nikon is a great company that I had been researched compared to Canon. I chose D5300 because it has very good specification compared to another type of camera from other brands with the same price. 24MP sensor is enough for me as a beginner photographer, even though it is a crop sensor. It offers more focus points than other cameras brand with the same price. Nikon, in general, is very good image quality to do post-processing based on several parameters. Many lenses reserved with various types of lens than other camera brands. For me, Nikon D5300 is more enough for amateur photographers like me. If you want to buy a pro camera body for serious purposes, of course, you can buy it and try to compare it by several parameters that you have. Many people like photography. They just bought a camera with no reason and lets their camera stay in the chest.

Nikon D5300 came with various kit lenses. I have 18-55mm. For video, autofocus system has a minus. The sound of autofocus is recorded by camera during the process.

The samples of pictures, Cek it dot:

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[Pictures Gallery] National Central University: Nature campus concept



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